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Soil Management

Fertilizer costs are continuing to rise! Fertility recommendations are changing! Can you afford to apply fertilizer based on 25 year old research?  We can help with your fertility and soil management needs.


Soil Sampling



Pro Grower Solutions offers soil sampling services and recommendations based on the following:

• Soil Types
• Field History
• Management Practices
• Nutrient Science

Liquid Nitrogen

Direct to farm truckloads of 28% & 32% nitrogen are available. Ask for pricing.


Dry Fertilizer Blends

Dry fertilizer blends are also available direct to farm or field. Ask for details.


46-0-0 • 11-52-0 • 0-0-60 • Micronutrients

Starter Fertilizers

A complete line of starter fertilizers are available. Pro Grower Solutions offers the Nutra-Flo line of fertilizer products. We believe these products offer the highest nutrient availability and crop safety.


9-18-9   3-18-18   6-24-6

Contact Us: 877-646-2855
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