Why buy your seed from Terry with Pro Grower Solutions?



Hybrid Placement

We can help you select the right hybrids for the way you farm. We can help you make decisions based on:

Soil Types • Rotations • Environment
Pest Control • Management

Top Genetics

Diverse, elite genetics are offered from the top hybrid seed corn companies in the industry.

Traits & Seed Treatments

We can help you benefit from the newest traits and seed treatments. We know and understand these technologies and will help you profit from them.

Primed For Performance

Corn Management

We can help you maximize your corn acres to their fullest profitability in all cropping situations.

Rotation or Corn on Corn
Conventional or Reduced Tillage
Heavy to Light Soils
Weed and Insect Management


Are you achieving the soybean yields and profits you need? Let us help.

Variety Selection

Proper Soybean selection is critical to high yields and profitability. Pro Grower Solutions sells Golden Harvest, LG Seed, NuTech, and Asgrow soybeans. We believe these brands offer the most diverse, profitable line-up of soybeans in the Midwest.

Soybean Management

Maximize your soybean yields and profit.

Pro Grower Solutions can help with:

         Weed Control • Insect Problems
                  Disease • Nematodes

TruBulk™ Advantages

Match and treat units to your field size.

• Handle large volumes with less hassle.
• Plant more acres per day.
• Delivery to your farm or field.
• Increase seed profits with seed treatments.
• Seed tenders are available.


Yield Counts More Than Ever

The Sensible Environmentalist